Amber Lyon's “Peace, Love and Pepper Spray” Chronicles Modern American Activism


Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray, a new coffee table book by Emmy Award-winning journalist and photographer Amber Lyon, chronicles modern protesting in America with more than 200 photographs of activists at the heart of recent protests across the country.  The book is guaranteed to spark interesting conversations in living rooms worldwide. 


The book’s 12 chapters and individual activist profilescover an array of recent protests with a focus on immigrant rights, Anonymous, women’s right to go topless, the Chicago Teacher’s Strike, online protest, attacks on press freedom, home foreclosure barricades, Keystone XL Pipeline demonstrations, Chicago NATO protests, Trayvon Martin, Anaheim police brutality and more.


"I hope the photos in Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray provide readers with the strength and inspiration to stand up against rampant corruption and revolt,” says Amber Lyon. “Protest is beautiful."


As Lyon traveled the country to photograph, she was shot at by police in Anaheimcrushed underneath a crowd of police batons, and forced to inhale pepper spray more times than she can count. 


"Whether you care about economic and social justice, the growing surveillance state,militarization of U.S. police, or equality when it comes to topless sunbathing, the beauty of protests is that anyone can do it - all it takes is a little passion,” says Lyon.  “I only hope that the threat of pepper spray will never prevail over the voice of the American people."